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What Is A Multi-Panel Drug Test?

Companies are required by federal law to ensure a drug-free workplace. Employers have a duty to ensure that employees are protected and healthy. This is due to the fact that they are a major contributor to the company’s bottom line. One method employers can ensure that the workplace is safe without compromising either safety or efficiency is through ‘workplace testing’.

Employer urine tests will require drug testing equipment. They are not only simple sufficient for most people however, the results can be quickly and easily obtained by a single test that can confirm the fact that your employee was taking drugs at work if you know the substance the person was taking prior. This is possible in cases where the individual isn’t certain regarding the kind or amount of drug that caused his/her positive result. Multi-panel kits are readily available to assist in resolving these issues. They let users access multiple panels, meaning they will get the most accurate results from all classes.

Employers can make use of the multi-panel kit to find out if their employees are using prescription medication. Multi-panel kits can identify a variety of drugs and newcomer tests. There’s no need to worry about being caught off guard when you’re in the business of business.

The most frequently used drug test kit available today is the urine test. They can detect between 2 and 12 different substances at the same time that include cocaine and marijuana without forgetting other favorite substances such as barbiturates and amphetamines. The specific antibodies present in urine bind to these substances and cause a color change after the microwaves are applied to its surface.

They’re worth it

Some employees may be worried about their privacy since single drug tests only detect specific substances. Multi-panel tests allow for the detection of more drugs, cutting down on both of these issues due to the fact that there’s less repeated testing required in these types of tests in comparison to single panel kit usage which can be expensive and also if employers wish to have to have them performed frequently or all the time depending on the company culture is like. Here are some benefits:

Employees can’t evade detection if their test for drugs reveals the most frequently misused prescription or illicit substances. People who abuse drugs are often inadequate or not noticed by employers who do not care about their health in the right way, not just during their lives, but after it has been retired from usage as well.

When given the option the majority of employees would prefer to provide their samples. Employers can collect just one set of samples and send them to their employer, thereby saving time and avoiding awkward interactions with coworkers who are using drugs at work.

Employers can use drug tests to make sure that employees aren’t addicts to drugs. Employers could find this to be costly because they must test each employee individually with individual kits. These are more expensive than multi-panel teststhat do not require as many samples and may reduce costs.

The easy-to-use test kits make it feasible for employers and employees alike, and without the need for any professional assistance. They can be used at any time, even while on the job.

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