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Acts Of Sadaqah Jaariyah In Islam

Islam can teach us there are different ways to reward and give. One method is through sadaqah-jariyah , an act of kindness that returns regardless of the amount that has been received. If you are able to plant seeds to grow trees, then they’ll provide shade during hot days, and provide warmth in winter. This implies that your good deeds will not end in one instant , but continue for the rest of time as the fruits will continue to provide food for us into the future.

Jariyah is the Arabic word used to describe charity. There are many types and kinds of jiraiya’s available to give to. Here are five examples of ways we suggest that you get involved in this type of engagement.

Sponsoring an Orphan or Child

Millions of children today do not have an education and many haven’t received the necessary skills to become successful. It’s unfortunate, since many of them will not even realize what they have been missing. Let us assist them to get to their goals by providing high-quality early childhood programs that allow every child to discover how valuable knowledge is , and to be able to appreciate the different perspectives.

Now is the time to work together to ensure that the next generation can be better off than the ones we have now.

The contributions of people to their next generations are often not considered. But, it could help ensure success and prosperity for everyone. By sponsoring a child, you ensure that they are able to access education and develop the skills needed to succeed in the field they choose to pursue. This means that your sponsorship contribution much more significant than those who qualify for assistance through Child Sponsorship Programs.

Education / Skills / Teaching / Spreading Awareness of Islam

Islam is a religion which is a reward for knowledge-sharing. We, Muslims, have a duty to other Muslims. Teaching someone how to study the Holy Quran brings a reward in the end, as every whenever your student is able to recite or teach another his or her mantra, then each of you will gain. Don’t wait to die and not perform any good acts.

Build a water well

Imagine living without drinking water that is safe to drink. It’s difficult enough to access the essential elements of a day. What if you weren’t able to get the water? It’s impossible to go about your day and take care of your own health or work in an area where hygiene is crucial (think health care). This can be made difficult when you consider that many developing nations do not have the resources to support themselves. They heavily rely on aid from abroad, which can often come without much in the way of return.

Participating in the construction of a Mosque or School, or Hospital

Many religious people decide to give to a mosque or a school to earn significant rewards. It is also possible to donate your time and money to help establish an orphanage. This is only one way to show how giving back gives you a greater sense of satisfaction than purchasing something that has all the prayers.

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